Volunteer Spotlights

We could not do what we do without the hard work, dedication, and passion of our volunteers. These are their stories.

Chuck and Stella Schroeder

Chuck and Stella are recipients of Rockford Rotary’s Service Above Self award

Chuck and Stella approach their many volunteer roles with a quiet spirit of “service above self,” for which they were recognized with the award of that name by the Rockford Rotary this spring. The couple brings a distinct compassion and humility to their volunteerism, and it is worth noting that much of what they do as volunteers, they do together.

Chuck and Stella have been bolstering the work and mission of Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity (RAHFH) for the last six years through their philanthropic and volunteer work in a variety of capacities. This service includes helping to raise funds at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where they both volunteer two full days each week. They always bring an unfailing spirit of kindness and fellowship with them.

Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity is in good company among organizations that benefit enormously from the generous involvement of the Schroeders. Chuck and Stella have brought the same conviction, leadership, longevity, and spirit of servitude to Rockford Promise’s scholarship program, United Way’s IRead program, and the RPS205 uniform co-op program, which Stella co-founded. They have both now been instrumental leaders of the uniform co-op for years, and they have expanded it from one school to three to make sure that as many RPS205 families as possible have dignified access to low-cost uniforms. Both Chuck and Stella have also been very involved in their church community at Saint Mark Lutheran Church, where they both served for a number of years as President at different times. Stella has served on the Board of Directors at Katie’s Cup since its beginning, and Chuck is a lifelong Kiwanis Club member and leader.

The Schroeders are a guiding light in the Rockford community. They demonstrate daily that through compassionate and ongoing, committed community service, individuals have the power to make change in their communities.