Staff Spotlight: Belinda (BeBee)

Meet Belinda (she goes by BeBee)! She is our ReStore Assistant Store Manager. BeBee is responsible for assisting in the day-to-day operations of the store. She is in charge of the sales floor. Her responsibilities include making room for incoming donations and organizing items in order to provide an exceptional shopping experience for our customers.

BeBee started working at the ReStore in April 2022 as the Lead Cashier. She was promoted to Assistant Manager in September.  “I love my job here at the Restore. Everyone is extremely friendly and caring.”

BeBee, in her own words, shares one of her most memorable experiences. “I had a customer that was looking at purchasing a 2-piece hutch that was not in the best of shape, and the price had been removed. When I told her the price, she started crying and hugged me. She explained they were happy tears and apologized. It made me feel so good that I had made someone so happy.”

BeBee’s work is also driven by a passion for Habitat’s mission. “I also love working for the Habitat organization. They do so much good helping the community in so many ways. It is awesome to be a part of such a great organization. Being a part of the fantastic work that the Habitat for Humanity organization does, makes me happy to come to work every day.”

When BeBee isn’t working at the ReStore, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Mr. Jackson, and visiting with her family.

The next time you’re at the Rockford ReStore, say hello to BeBee!

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