Homeowner Spotlight: Felisa

In 2021, a Habitat homeowner retired and moved out of her Habitat home. She decided to sell her house back to us so that someone else could have the opportunity to become a homeowner. As of Friday, Felisa is the proud owner of that very house!

Felisa said that she started thinking about buying a home back in 2012. She applied to Habitat’s homeownership opportunity in 2019, and though she said that at first it was a little scary to move toward her goal, she’s so excited to now have a place to call her own.

“The process has been great. It’s been exciting for me,” she said. “I’m ready to take the step of being a homeowner,” Felisa said.

After Habitat bought back the house from the previous owner, Felisa and her husband, along with a handful of volunteers and Habitat staff, had the chance to rehab the house so that they could personalize it to fit their style and needs. Felisa said that they worked at their own pace to complete projects around the house.

“It’s been a fun experience. I’m excited,” she said. “The more I’m working on it, it’s starting to feel like home.”

One of the aspects of her home that Felisa is especially excited for is having the chance to decorate and truly make it her own. She’s been collecting ideas for home DIY projects for a while.

“Every time I go to the house, I always think about how I’m going to decorate,” she said.

Felisa also said that her family is very excited about their new home. She got married recently (in August of 2021), and she, her husband, and her two kids will be moving in soon.

“[The home] will impact them because it’s something that is theirs. Even after I leave this world, it’s something that they can still call home,” she said. “I’m just thankful… Because of this house, I can give my family security.”

We are so excited for this new chapter of Felisa’s life. Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Felisa—we’re so grateful that you are a part of the Habitat family.

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