Staff Spotlight: Simeo

Simeo is one of the receiving clerks at our donation dock. He has been a part of our team since November. His role consists of accepting donations at our donation drop-off, making sure items are clean and working properly, pricing items, and helping to move items out to the sales floor.

Simeo learned about the ReStore through his mother, Ericka, who is one of our cashiers.

“What I love about the ReStore is that we have reasonable prices, we have quality stuff, and even before I was working here, the people and the crew members were nice and helpful,” Simeo said.

In addition to enjoying the store itself, Simeo also enjoys his specific role at the store.

“I like completing a task and helping other people,” he said.

A fun fact about Simeo is that he enjoys photography. He started out by taking photos of flowers in the garden at his mom’s house, and he still takes a lot of scenic and floral photographs. He recently started a photography business called Simply Amazing Imagery, which he is excited about (If you’re interested in contacting Simeo to learn about his photography work, you can reach him at

Simeo also has two daughters that he loves spending time with.

“I’m usually with my kids, and right now they’re in sports, so that’s really fun,” he said.  “My oldest daughter is nine, and she’s playing basketball, and my youngest daughter is six, she does cheerleading.”

Simeo, we’re so grateful for you, and we’re glad that you’re a part of our team!

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