Staff Spotlight: Amy

Meet Amy, one of our ReStore cashiers! When you shop at the ReStore, there’s a good chance that Amy will be running the register, stocking shelves, or providing awesome customer service by answering any questions you have.

Amy has worked at the ReStore for around seven months, but before joining the team, she was a ReStore customer for a couple of years. She loved coming to the ReStore to look for great deals.

Her favorite section of the ReStore when she was a customer is still her favorite section as a cashier: housewares. Amy loves to find all of the quirky, thrifty, unique items that are donated to the store.

She also enjoys interacting with coworkers and customers, and says that it’s fun to get to know the regular ReStore shoppers. She appreciates the impact the ReStore has on these customers, as well as the entire community.

“I like that [the ReStore] is helping people,” Amy said. “And when people come in to shop, they’re able to get something for a really cheap price that they couldn’t get anywhere else. I like that it’s beneficial to people outside the store, but also that it’s beneficial to people who come in.”

On top of working at the ReStore, Amy is a graduate student studying Biology. She enjoys all things computers, loves animals, and likes to get outside when the weather is nice.

We are so appreciative of all that Amy brings to the ReStore! Thank you, Amy, for being a part of our team!

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