Staff Spotlight: Jack

Jack Turner has worked as RAHFH’s Construction Manager for six years. He coordinates all of our builds and repairs, which is no small task! Jack works with our floor plans, coordinates with any contractors that we hire to help with the construction of our homes, ensures that our builds are supplied with the proper materials, and works with the construction classes from the high schools that partner with us.

Jack got connected to Habitat after volunteering a few times here in Rockford, applied for the Construction Manager position when it opened up, and the rest is history.

Though Jack is involved in every stage of the construction process, his favorite part of his job is seeing the way that safe and affordable housing through Habitat impacts families in Rockford.

“I love the fulfillment of seeing the families getting their dream of having homeownership,” Jack said. “Just to see the families, and the dedications, is just a beautiful thing. That’s what I love.”

Besides building homes, Jack is also constantly building relationships. He enjoys getting to know Habitat homebuyers and their families—he even said that during the summertime when he drives into one of our subdivisions, a lot of the kids recognize his truck and come running up to say hello. Jack also loves working alongside the students from high school construction classes, and watching them learn how to build a home from the ground up. And in the larger Rockford community, Jack is very connected to a lot of local contractors and builders.

“Some of our trades have been working with us for years, and they even have a passion for it,” Jack said.  “They know the Habitat story, and they give back.”

When he’s not working with Habitat, Jack has a few other passions and hobbies. Before starting with Habitat, he volunteered for about 10 years with Kids Around the World to build more than 10 playgrounds for children in about 12 different countries. He hopes to continue volunteering with this organization in the future. In the past few years, Jack has taken up sailing as a hobby, and loves sailing his boat on Lake Geneva during the summer.

Jack truly brings so much to RAHFH, and we are so thankful for the way that he makes our builds possible. Thank you, Jack, for all you do!

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