Staff Spotlight: Tabbetha

If you’ve ever shopped the ReStore, you’ve most likely had the joy of meeting Tabbetha, our Head Cashier! Her role on the ReStore team is providing amazing customer service, running the cashier, and so much more. Tabbetha’s kind, helpful and friendly personality is so valued by our staff, as well as our customers.

Here’s a fun fact: Tabbetha had another important role at the ReStore before joining our staff team!

“I first started out as a volunteer,” Tabbetha shared. The ReStore was lucky to have her when she was a volunteer, and we’re so grateful that she joined our staff team back in March of 2020.

Tabbetha says that one of her favorite memories of working on the ReStore team was working with Sharon, one of the members of our team. “She was always so nice to me!” Tabbetha said.

One of Tabbetha’s passions is making others feel welcome and happy, and she does that every single day at the ReStore.

When she’s not working at the ReStore, Tabbetha enjoys being outdoors, swimming, and camping. She also says she enjoys spending time with family, including, in her words, “Habitat family”.

The ReStore wouldn’t be what it is without Tabbetha, and we are so thankful for her!

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