Homeowner Spotlight: Tenisha

Tenisha, who works for a health insurance company, and her husband Tervern have been incredibly busy raising five kids over the last 18 years. Their boys are 18, 16, and 14. Their girls are 12 and 10. And if that hasn’t kept them busy enough, they are constantly running between practice and games for football, baseball, basketball, bowling, and volleyball. But as their family starts to grow up, Tenisha and Tervern have set their sights on undertaking a new goal: to become homeowners.

“There are so many benefits to owning your own home,” Tenisha says. “You are in control. You can make it yours because it is yours. It is a weight off of my shoulders to know that I am going to be able to give my kids a better environment in a new home.”

Tenisha also says that she and Tervern want to demonstrate to their kids that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. “You can’t always tell teenagers that stuff and make them listen,” she says, “but we are going to show them.”  

As for herself, Tenisha is looking forward to cooking in her new kitchen and spending time in her yard planting a flower garden. Tenisha says that the entire family is looking forward to enjoying the outdoor space at their new home, and that it will bring solace knowing that they can enjoy walks and outside time without any concerns about neighborhood safety.

Tenisha’s family will be helping with the 2021 “community build,” which is the house that most of our community volunteer groups will work on. The house will be under construction beginning in the summer, and Tenisha’s family will be on track to make it their home sometime in early 2022.

When she thinks about the difference this move will ultimately make for her family, Tenisha says “once we move, I will know that my kids are going to be okay. I will know that we have done it, that we’ve accomplished the goal. There is no peace like that.”   

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