Meet your Executive Committee

There is so much behind-the-scenes work that goes into helping Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity flourish. One of the key groups of people who help move us forward as an organization is our Executive Committee, consisting of committed leaders who love our mission and dedicate time, energy and compassion to make our affiliate the best it can be. We are honored to introduce the members of our 2021 Executive Committee.

Peter Schmeling: Board President

Peter Schmeling is the Project Manager & Safety Director at Schmeling Construction Co., and after serving with Habitat in college at Bradley University, he began serving with RAHFH in 2017. Peter and his wife, Danielle, were recently married and live on a farm with their two labs raising a “multitude of animals”.

Peter’s background with Habitat has truly given him a heart for it. “I love watching the progression of our houses,” he said. “From site selection, to family selection, to groundbreakings, to wall raisings, to home dedications.”

Peter said he is excited about the opportunity to serve as President of the board “because of how far our affiliate has grown and the vision of where we want to go in every aspect of our affiliate. It’s an honor to serve in this position and have such a talented team on [executive committee] with the full backing of an experienced board of directors”.

Glasa Gottschalk: Board Vice President

Glasa Gottschalk is is a Life & Business Mindset Coach, as well as the owner of GII Coaching & Consulting. She joined the RAHFH board in 2018, and has volunteered in many aspects of the organization. 

“I truly love serving with this organization!” she said, “I believe in the mission that this organization serves in creating equity through affordable home ownership.”

When asked what her favorite things about Habitat are, Glasa said, “Listing just one is impossible. But here are my top 3: Since joining the board in 2018, I have seen the heart and passion of our board, staff, and volunteers for the mission of Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity.  Seeing how committed everyone is in investing their time, talent, and resources here is truly amazing.  This isn’t just another non-profit.  The people here truly care for our families, and the well being of everyone in the organization. I also love that while the ultimate goal is home ownership for our families, RAHFH walks home owners through a success program to mentor long term sustainability.  This exhibits that it is not just about home ownership but about making a lasting impact on the families we serve. And lastly, I love that as an organization, we never stop looking for ways to improve and serve not only our families, but the community.  It’s not just about improving the lives of those we serve, but of our community as well.”

Pete Rundquist: Treasurer

Pete Rundquist is the President/owner of Rockford Foundries. He served on the RAHFH board of directors from 2010-2016, he rejoined the board in 2017, and has been serving ever since. Beyond serving on our board, Pete and his wife, Becky, have also participated in 7 different Blitz builds (this is a program that builds Habitat homes in just 10 days through a group called Blitz Home Builders). Pete also received the Floyd and Helen Ricard Award from RAHFH in 2018.

“I believe that everyone deserves a decent, safe, and affordable home,” Pete said, “Habitat provides a means and opportunity for people to do that. They can break the chains of being a renter and become a home owner… and it changes your life forever.”

Pete says there are two parts of the Habitat build process that stand out to him. The first one is Framing Day, when the build begins.

“That morning you have a slab of concrete, and at the end of the day you can take [the homeowner] into their rooms in their new soon to be home,” Pete said, describing how sometimes homeowners’ kids even pick out their bedrooms that very day.

The second milestone that always stands out to Pete is Dedication Day, “When the home owner gets the keys to their new home which they have worked so hard to help build”. In Pete’s words, “They have built a safe place to raise their family and it is a dream that has come true for them and their family.”

“Habitat is huge part of my life now,” Pete said. “I cannot go a day without talking about it.”

Johnice Harvey: Secretary

Johnice Harvey is a Human Services Caseworker at the Illinois Department of Human Services, and is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

We were honored to have Johnice join the RAHFH Board of Directors in August 2019.

“I came to Habitat for Humanity not having any experience serving on a board,” Johnice said. “I was drawn to the mission.”

Her commitment and dedication for the mission of RAHFH is evident, and motivates her work on the Board of Directors, as well as the Executive Committee.

“I am passionate about my role because I have a passion for serving my community and improving the overall quality of life,” Johnice said. “I truly believe that providing individuals with safe, affordable and stable housing places them on the path for success and is extremely important in the advancement and development of communities.”

Dave Knight: Previous President

Dave works for Comcast NBCUniversal, and has been involved with Habitat for Humanity for over 15 years. This year, he will serve as the Previous President on the Executive Committee.

“I’m excited for this role, as we have great leaders moving into our officer positions,” he said.

Dave started volunteering with Habitat when he was in college during a spring break trip to the Habitat affiliate in Pensacola, Florida. 

“At the time I thought some sunshine sounded great compared to the snowy Illinois weather,” Dave said. “Once I got there, I immediately fell in love with Habitat’s work and mission.  I’ve been involved with Habitat ever since.”

Dave has been a member of the Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors for 7 years, and served as the President for the past 2 years. 

“Working with this affiliate has truly been a blessing,” he said. “I’ve been able to be a part of this affiliate’s growth and its positive impact in the Rockford community.”

“The thing I love the most about Habitat is the work we do.  The work Habitat does means families have a safe home and children have a place to grow up.  It’s truly amazing to be part of that,” Dave said.

Mike Hotopp: Member at Large

Mike retired 5 years ago from Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, where he served as the Associate Executive Director of Housing. He has found many ways to serve with RAHFH for over two years, including the Board of Directors, the Governance committee, build sites, and the Executive Committee.

“For many years I told my family and friends that once I retired, I wanted to be very active in Habitat for Humanity,” Mike said. After he and his wife retired, they moved to Rockford, and Mike was connected to Habitat through a friend.

Mike is passionate about the opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee.

“Our Executive Committee comes together to make many wide ranging decisions. And most of these decisions, especially in this season of COVID, have been very challenging decisions,” he said. “Decisions that must come as much from our hearts as from where statistics and projections may direct us.”

Beyond his role on this committee, Mike’s dedication to Habitat’s vision is obvious.

“I especially love the fact that we who serve RAHFH can encourage others to join us as we build homes for marginalized people throughout Rockford,” he said. “It is so very rewarding get to know some of the families we serve and know that Habitat is changing their plight in life.”

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