New Board Member Spotlight: Katrina Boykins

We are so excited to highlight Katrina Boykins, the newest member of the RAHFH Board of Directors!

Katrina works for the Department of Children and Family Services as a case worker. She previously worked at Public Aid through the Department of Human Services, and before that she worked at Chrysler for 15 years.

Katrina discovered Habitat through a friend when she decided to start looking for opportunities to be a part of an organization or group focused on serving and helping in the community.

“I just wanted to help. I wanted to be active. I wanted to be around like-minded people that wanted to get something done,” she said. “I can always go out and volunteer on my own, but I wanted to be a part of a group that already had the ball rolling. I didn’t want to try and reinvent the wheel.”

After reaching out to Habitat and attending a board meeting to learn about the organization, an opportunity arose for Katrina to join the board. According to RAHFH Executive Director Keri Asevedo, Katrina was curious, engaged, and unafraid to ask questions from the very start.

“I think Katrina is going to be a great addition to our board because she’s passionate about helping the community, she’s solution focused, not afraid to share her opinion, and that laugh—it’s contagious!” Asevedo said.

Katrina says that her values align with Habitat’s because of the way that Habitat focuses on helping people see the steps that they can take to achieve their goals and reach the standard of life that they hope for. She is passionate about helping others become aware of both their strengths and their weaknesses, as well as providing assistance to people who need it.

“Anyone could need help at any time,” she said. “I just want to be that person that can be there to help… until they start seeing that ray of hope to get them through.”

As she thinks about the opportunities she’ll have with the board, Katrina says that one of the initiatives she is already participating in is contributing to Habitat’s conversations surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion.

“Coming in on this conversation of having equality between all races, and it shouldn’t just be races, but between all human beings… I’m very vocal on that.”

She is also looking forward to getting to know all of the different components that comprise Habitat. “I’m going to be sitting back, learning, and trying to absorb and put the puzzle pieces together,” she said.

From her experience, to her passion and energy, Katrina is surely going to be an incredible asset to RAHFH, and it is an honor to welcome Katrina to the board!

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