Giving isn’t always in the form of a monetary donation. Here are a few of the many ways that you can contribute to our mission.

Donate In-Kind

Money isn’t the only way you can give! We benefit from a wide variety of goods, including construction and landscaping materials, lighting, office supplies and more. If you have any goods that you feel would benefit us, call us at (815) 636-4573 to discuss donating it. Call us to see if we could use it – and if not you can still donate it to our ReStore!

Cars for Homes

Through Habitat for Humanity International you can donate any vehicle (car, boat, RV, etc.), and proceeds from its sale will support our work. The process is quick and easy with minimal effort on the donor’s end; click here to learn more!

Give your skills

Interested in lending your special or professional skills to Habitat? At RAHFH generous people donate their services to help us and our partner families every day. Join them, and contact us to discuss the way you can make your own unique impact.

Employee Giving

There are many ways businesses can support us, and you can help make one of them happen! Contact us if you think your company would be willing to start an employee giving campaign benefiting RAHFH. On top of personally donating, you can encourage your coworkers to join and see if your company will match their employee’s giving!

Estate Giving

If you are estate planning, consider adding RAHFH as a beneficiary. If you’re curious to learn more about this generous form of giving, please Contact Us. This is an incredible way that you can make a lasting legacy in your community.