7 items to donate to habitat restore

7 Items You Can Donate to the Rockford Habitat ReStore

Home renovation, improvement, and reorganization (cleaning) results in a lot of perfectly good items sent away in a dumpster to end up on an ever growing heap of landfill. But many of these are perfectly good items you can donate to the Rockford Habitat ReStore.

Here are 7 items you can donate to the Rockford ReStore:

1. Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

7 items you can donate to habitat restore

Kitchens and bathrooms are high on the list of renovation projects. This leads to cabinet removal and too often destruction. But these cabinets are hungry to be repurposed in someone else’s home.

They make for great storage in garages, basements, and elsewhere.

Donate your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to the Habitat ReStore and keep them away from the dump!

2. Toilets
While you’re busily demoing your bathroom, keep that toilet intact! Toilets are a great item to donate to the ReStore!

3. Furniture

7 items you can donate to the restore - table

Did you inherit a bulky hutch, ancient bureau, or clunky chiffonier? Are you ready to part with your desk, dresser, sideboard, or table? Donate your chests, couches, bookcases and other furniture to the ReStore.

4. Tools
You may need three shovels, two drills, and a circular saw you’ve never used. Or you can donate your excess hand, garden or power tools to the ReStore. So long as they still work, we want ’em!

5. Large Appliances
Washers and dryers, refrigerators and stoves; these are but a few of the appliances the ReStore accepts.

6. Flooring
The ReStore accepts wood, ceramic tile, and vinyl flooring.

7. Lumber & Trim
Excess lumber need not be thrown away! As long as the pieces are nail/screw free and at least 4 feet in length, take it to the ReStore!

These are but 7 items you can donate to the Rockford Habitat ReStore. View the entire list of accepted items or give us a call at 815-713-3184!

And remember, your donated items often qualify for a tax deduction!

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