Staff Spotlight: Bryan

Bryan is our ReStore Director, which means he oversees everything that goes on at the store, supports our staff team, and implements plans to help the store grow and flourish. “How I think of it is that I am the glue that helps keep everything together,” Bryan said. “I’m basically here to bring everybody togetherContinue reading Staff Spotlight: Bryan

Small Steps, Big Impacts: Conclusion to our Housing & the Environment Series

By Caitlyn Baylor, Homeowner Services & Grants Director Over the last couple of months, we have shared a series of blog posts about the relationship between the climate crisis and the housing crisis, or conversely, between climate justice and housing justice. The two phenomena are increasingly, inextricably connected, and we have learned that locally, nationally,Continue reading Small Steps, Big Impacts: Conclusion to our Housing & the Environment Series

Homeowner Spotlight: Felisa

In 2021, a Habitat homeowner retired and moved out of her Habitat home. She decided to sell her house back to us so that someone else could have the opportunity to become a homeowner. As of Friday, Felisa is the proud owner of that very house! Felisa said that she started thinking about buying aContinue reading Homeowner Spotlight: Felisa

Staff Spotlight: Simeo

Simeo is one of the receiving clerks at our donation dock. He has been a part of our team since November. His role consists of accepting donations at our donation drop-off, making sure items are clean and working properly, pricing items, and helping to move items out to the sales floor. Simeo learned about theContinue reading Staff Spotlight: Simeo


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