Homeowner Spotlight: Sharonda

Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity’s final construction project of 2020 is rehabbing an existing home on Belden Street, and we are honored to feature our wonderful partner in this project, Sharonda. Sharonda grew up in Rockford and graduated from Auburn High School. She has been in the medical field in Rockford for 13 years, and … Continue reading Homeowner Spotlight: Sharonda

Impact Story: D’Juan

We are so fortunate to meet a lot of truly incredible families through our work at Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity. Within these families are some remarkable young people whom we have the honor to watch grow up in their homes. They are undoubtedly bright lights for our future. One of these bright lights is … Continue reading Impact Story: D’Juan

Impact Story: Tikisha

We met Tikisha “Kisha” Ellis five years ago when she applied to purchase a home through our program, and one of our first memories is of her opening her pantry door in her small kitchen at her Fairgrounds Valley apartment to reveal all of the neatly-stacked cooking supplies. Kisha was an aspiring caterer. Kisha started … Continue reading Impact Story: Tikisha

Impact Story: Rachel

When Rachel was interviewed for this piece, she shared so beautifully and eloquently that we felt it was not only best, but necessary, to keep this story in her own words. Here is Rachel’s story of her journey as a homeowner. We started in a place where I didn’t have big dreams. When I bought … Continue reading Impact Story: Rachel

Asking for Our Dreams: Takeaways from Georgetown’s “New Strategies” course

One of our values at Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity is constantly seeking ways that we can learn and expand as an organization. Keri Asevedo, our Executive Director, was recently given an incredible educational opportunity that will undoubtedly equip RAHFH to grow: the chance to participate in a course through the Georgetown University McDonough School … Continue reading Asking for Our Dreams: Takeaways from Georgetown’s “New Strategies” course

Homeowner Spotlight Story: DeVonna

We’ve heard it said that teachers are incredibly patient and resilient people, and DeVonna certainly serves as a demonstration of this truth. DeVonna, who is a special education teacher at Auburn High School, applied to purchase a home through our program in 2019. She was originally scheduled to start building her home this August as … Continue reading Homeowner Spotlight Story: DeVonna


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