• 7 items to donate to habitat restore

    7 Items You Can Donate to the Rockford Habitat ReStore

    Home renovation, improvement, and reorganization (cleaning) results in a lot of perfectly good items sent away in a dumpster to end up on an ever growing heap of landfill. But many of these are perfectly good items you can donate to the Rockford Habitat ReStore. Here are 7 items you can donate to the Rockford ReStore: 1. Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Kitchens and bathrooms are high on the list of renovation projects. This leads to cabinet removal and too often destruction. But these cabinets are hungry to be repurposed in someone else’s home. They make for great storage in garages, basements, and elsewhere. Donate your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to…

  • Where Can I Donate My Toilet?

    Where Can I Donate My Toilet? Take It To the ReStore!

    Have you ever been sitting, perhaps on your throne, and wondered, “Where can I donate my toilet?” No? Well perhaps after starting a renovation project in your bathroom this odd yet logical question has come up. “What should you do with that toilet that no longer fits your style?” There really are only two options: send it to the landfill or donate it. Where can I donate my toilet? Your Rockford Habitat ReStore accepts toilets in good condition, even in colors that the 70s has long forgotten. Not only that but you can add your old bathtub, cabinets, and countertops to your list of “items to be donated”. Why not…