Staff Spotlight: Ericka

Meet Ericka, one of our ReStore cashiers! Ericka is incredibly kind, and is skilled when it comes to providing excellent customer service at the ReStore. Her role on the ReStore team includes cleaning and sanitizing high-touch traffic areas for the safety of ReStore customers and team members, as well as running the cashier and assisting customers.

Ericka has worked at the ReStore since November of 2020, and has a pretty fun story of how she ended up on staff at the ReStore.

“I found out about it because I shopped here,” she said. “I would shop here all the time. Before it was here (on Harrison Ave.), I was going to the one on North Main, because we were redoing our house… I tell everybody, you will come here and shop, and then you will want to work here.”

Though she has shopped the ReStore for all kinds of items, Ericka’s favorite section of the store is a no-brainer.

“Housewares,” she said with a laugh, describing her system of donating old items and finding new things at the ReStore.

“I have a butler’s pantry, and I feel that I have to fill it up… My husband does not like it, but I do,” she joked.

Beyond being a loyal ReStore shopper, there are many other reasons why Ericka loves working at the ReStore.

“I love the people, I love all the different stuff that we always get… but really, it’s the people. Some of the people come in every single day,” she said.

Ericka also feels very connected to the ReStore’s mission in helping to increase access to homeownership in Rockford through Habitat for Humanity.

“Oh, I love it, because I know three people that actually got their houses through Habitat for Humanity in Rockford,” Ericka said. “And I always tell people, if you want to get a house, go to Habitat for Humanity.”

When Ericka isn’t at the ReStore, she loves to play and watch soccer. She played for 30 years leading up to the pandemic, and can’t wait until there are opportunities to get out on the field again.

We are so thankful for Ericka and the role she plays on the ReStore team. Thank you, Ericka, for all that you do to make the ReStore excellent!

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