Congratulations to Rolf Egeland, 2015 winner of the Floyd and Helen Rickard Volunteerism Award

Every spring, RAHFH recognizes one of their own for excellence in volunteerism.  The Floyd and Helen Rickard Volunteerism Award is given to a volunteer who has dedicated themselves to Habitat’s mission year-after-year, just as the Rickard’s family did since nearly the first home was built in our community in the early 1990s.

This year’s Floyd and Helen Rickard Volunteerism Award went to longtime construction site volunteer Rolf Egeland, who has been building as part of the First Free team for 15 years. Rolf was also selected as the featured volunteer in our newsletter this year, the story from which is below:

“It has been 15 years already since my construction days with Habitat for Humanity began in Rockford. I grew up in the Chicago area, and I always had an interest in building— it was Glenn Johnson who first inspired me to act on that interest for Habitat in particular. On the build sites, I do many of the necessary jobs, but my specialty is mudding and taping drywall. It’s not a job that most people like, but I enjoy it. I volunteer with Habitat because the Bible encourages us to help people who are in need. I feel that the goals and principles of Habitat for Humanity are Biblical and rewarding. I believe that we have a spiritual mandate to serve with the energy and ability and strength that God gives us. There’s a scripture that reads to whom much is given, much is required— and we have been given so much. That’s why volunteering is important to me, and I am thankful to the Lord that at 90 I am still doing it!”