Are You Ready To Provide A Safe, Decent, Affordable Home For Your Family?

Qualifications for Habitat for Humanity Homeownership

    1. Are you unable to obtain a conventional home loan?
    2. Is your current rental property overpriced, overcrowded or in disrepair?
    3. Are you willing to help us build or rehab your future home?
    4. Are you willing and financially capable of making monthly mortgage and escrow payments?
    5. Do you meet the income limits listed?


In order to qualify for our program, your annual income must fall within the range applicable to your family size.

Rockford, IL Family Median Income from HUD: $60,700***

1  $29,750 $22,500
2  $34,000 $22,500
3  $38,250 $22,500
4  $42,500 $22,500
5  $45,900 $22,500
6  $49,300 $22,500
7  $52,700 $22,500
8  $56,100 $22,500
9 * *

*For family units with more than 8 members, add $2,000 for each additional member.

Income levels are based upon the Fiscal Year 2017 HUD Income Levels for Rockford, Illinois MSA.

PLEASE NOTE:  In addition to meeting the above income requirements, an applicant’s income will also be evaluated in accordance with the FHA specifications regarding the applicant’s income to debt ratio.  No more than 36% of the applicant’s gross income should be used for total housing costs and all other debt payments.

*** Family median household income is based on a family of four

If You Meet Any Of This Criteria, Contact Us Today For More Information.

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Email: homes@rockfordhabitat.org