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Honoring What’s Close to the Heart


I have been deeply involved as a volunteer with Habitat for six years now, but my history with Habitat really traces all the way back to my father, who not only supported the organization but also raised me to believe that we should always help those who help themselves.  As a current Board Member and past President of Habitat, I am proud that Habitat is a hand-up that empowers families in need to accomplish homeownership for themselves.

In addition to sitting on the board, I have been a volunteer “house-leader” with Habitat for six years.  In this role, I am privileged to lead the construction on one home each summer, in partnership with one family, from beginning to end.  There are two particularly special days I get to experience each summer: the first is Framing Day, when a family gets to see their future home go from a concrete slab to the actual skeleton of what their house will be; and the second is Dedication, when the family receives the keys to the house they worked so hard to help build.  They are now in control of their own housing and their own destiny— this is a powerful thing to experience and witness.

I have raised a family and now get to watch my kids raise their families.  I am a small business owner, which in and of itself becomes a kind of family.  Family is close to my heart, and whenever I can reach out to help another family, it just makes sense to me.


Pete Rundquist

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