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“Build Season” is the time you see dreams come true!

It is spring! Rockford Habitat for Humanity is bustling all year around but the onset of spring sparks a special enthusiasm for me. As a volunteer, I am most engaged from spring until fall. This is the beginning of the “build season”. There are fundraisers happening like Framing Hope where walls are built for one of our new homes in the Home Depot parking lot. It is exciting to meet the people that stop by to see what we are doing and learn about Habitat. There is a dinner for the army of construction volunteers to meet the families that will become the future homeowners. The groundbreaking ceremony asks God’s blessing for the families buying new homes to be built this summer, as well as several, recycle homes that families will purchase and move into soon.

I am on the Family Selection Committee. After application seminars, we determine which families qualify to partner with the Habitat for Humanity Program. It is always interesting to meet this group of amazing people from such different backgrounds. There are immigrant families from many countries who have endured so much hardship before coming to America. Some come from war-torn areas while others have fled religious prejudice. Many of our families are from Rockford, most being single parents. So many say they are the first in their family to have the chance at home ownership. I am always moved by the life stories they tell. Yet they all have one thing in common. They are driven to work hard to make a better life for themselves and their children.  “Build Season” is the time you see dreams come true.Hargroves with Hanoosh Family

Last year my husband and I spent many hours of the summer partnering with a family to rehab a recycle house. It was hard work for us and it was definitely hard work for the future homeowner who had many hours of ‘sweat equity’ to put toward the completion of her home. She would work a 3rd shift job and then come straight to work on her house. Never a complaint, but rather excitement for the future she could provide her family. The reward came in August. The house was beautiful and the dream of home ownership came true for an amazing family. For us, the best part was that we got to work side by side with people we respected and admired. It was easy to fall in love with them.  I know our friendship will last a lifetime.

We have been in touch a few times over the winter and look forward to keeping in contact this summer too. Now with the seasons changing, I see the plants in my yard are starting to come up. I bet the plants are starting to come up in our partner family’s yard too. I cannot wait to get outside and work together again!

It is Spring. So many ways to get involved, you too could be part of making a dream come true!

-Maureen Hargrove

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